"Murphy's law"moments of motherhood!

Posted on October 23 2017

Have you ever had that moment in life when you felt helpless, frustrated and it seemed like the whole world was conspiring against you? If you are a parent, I am pretty sure you would have! Such Murphy’s Law moments seem to be kind of synonymous with motherhood. It starts right from birth, Read more...

How to protect your child from air pollution

Posted on October 18 2017

Looking around and feeling the festivities all over, one surely gets enthusiastic and cheerful. But one deep breath would make you realise what more is around you besides the lights and aroma of sweets.Dust, smoke, haze: these are the new adjectives of this time of the year- the time of festivals Read more...

Autism - Are we aware of it?

Posted on October 12 2017

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I am watching “My name is khan” where SRK beautifully portrays an autistic person, suddenly I question myself how many parents really know what autism is and how to raise an autistic child?


4 Essential First Aid skills for kids during festivals

Posted on September 26 2017

"Go Slow!"

"Watch Out!"

"Be careful!"

Well, as parents these are some of the most used phrases when we run after our kids to ensure their safety. But you won’t always be nearby when your children get hurt. And this holds true especially when it's time for Festivals!< Read more...

Questions you should ask schools about child safety

Posted on September 23 2017

Whenever we decide about schools for our little ones, we consider so many points - School reputation, facilities provided, the ambience and proximity. But one of the most important factors for the child would be SAFETY. When we send our kids to school, we want them to travel safely, do their best Read more...