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The school is managed by its founder member Mrs. Amla Lal a trustee of Brig B.M Lal Memorial Trust. Under her able guidance, the school has grown from strength to strength. Her personal attention, innovative learning and teaching methods, help children experience the joy of learning. Ms. Lal specializes in early education and has been in the field of education for many years.

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Amit Sharma , parent of Naitik Sharma, Jun 2017   Verified parent
18 Jun 2017
Naitik has started his journey with Happy Hours School 2 years back which were his first steps in his educational journey. Here he has learnt many things apart from study which have strengthened his first steps. A friendly environment in the school has helped him bond with other children. The school has provided him a platform where he has done fun activities like colouring, dancing, role play, inculcating fun at study. Besides just learning ABC or 123 as any other school may provide, our child has developed confidence and willingness to learn more. One plus Point regarding Happy Hours school is that it has celebrated all festivals with zeal and invited family members to participate with children in various activities/competitions bringing child close to family and culture.We are very thankful to happy hours school and all teachers who have guided our child in his very first steps and hope your blessings will remain with him, throughout his life ahead. Thank you for giving him his priceless 2 years.

Deepika Sharma , parent of Yatharth Sharma, Jun 2017   Verified parent
18 Jun 2017
I am very glad to write that the atmosphere of Happy Hours School is calm and energetic for the new petals. The principal and the teachers are like the parents for our children in the school. I used to always be worried about how my ward Yatharth Sharma would stay by himself in the school premises and how the teachers would handle a shy child like him who speaks very little. To my surprise, the school staff tackled these issues in a way such that he never said that he didn’t want to go the school. Eventually, he lost his shyness and started speaking a lot and as time passed he became a naughty boy, who involves all my family around him. I would especially appreciate his class teacher “Nidhi Maam” for developing his taste in co-curricular activities.I give 100% marks to Happy Hours school for their hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Uma Rajput , parent of Aarush Rajput, Jun 2017   Verified parent
18 Jun 2017
Our association with Happy Hours School dates back to 2005 when as a worried working mom I was looking for a playschool cum day boarding school for my son. As luck would have it, I found Happy Hours and was heartened by their disciplinarian yet compassionate atmosphere. My trust with the school became stronger with each passing day. The credit goes to the principal Mrs. Amla Lal, who single-handedly has managed the school in such a great manner.For my second son, I was pretty sure that for him his first formative years need to be spent in Happy Hours. Because of their well laid out curriculum and perseverance of teachers both my son’s got admitted to DPS.Today on the farewell day of my second son I feel thankful and deeply grateful to Happy Hours Fraternity for giving both my kids the necessary compassion and care. Thanks a lot.

Aparna Agarkar , parent of Aarav Agarkar, Jun 2017   Verified parent
18 Jun 2017
The Happy Hours school has an excellent atmosphere and an interface environment. The teachers are very co-operative and friendly with the kids.The curriculum was good and the kids learned many things. The best part of the schools is the activities/functions which they conduct every month. The children learn things about culture, festivals, country etc. They also develop stage presence.The one thing that the school can improve is to have a psychologist/counselor to find out children's key skills and develop them so that the parents can focus on that aspect of the child as well.

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