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Little Angels is a home away from home for your child, where he/she experiences love, guidance, grooming, and self-exploration. It focuses on nursery school education and child care services across all sections of society. Our aim is to provide an environment where teaching is joy and learning a pleasure. The school provides a dynamic & challenging atmosphere to the young learners. The methods adopted by the staff offer an enriching combination of academics, artistic and practical activities. In Totality, we offer your child a completely safe and secure environment, for the enhancement of your child's confidence, individuality, social attributes and more importantly love for learning-that works as a driver for his further learning experiences.

Programs Offered

Play Group (1. 5 - 2. 5 Years)

Children start to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. At Little Angels, the playgroup curriculum enables children to continue thei


Nursery (2. 5 - 3. 5 Years)

Montessori education encompasses these findings to assist children by providing them education through carefully designed activities. Participation in


Ukg( 4 - 5. 5 Years )

Learning by doing environment though Montessori methodology enables children to take a grand leap to formal schools. One on one attention along with n


School Features

World Class Curriculum

Programs at Montessori schools like ours are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Mo


Surveillance & Safety

Its hard to stay away from kids, to begin with. With 24 CCTV cameras covering every corner of the school, parents can watch the recordings of their ch


Transport Facilities

At Little Angels we ensure the children travel safely to and fro from the school. In addition, we provide stress-free pickup notifications for all our


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Curriculum and activities
Staff and hygiene
Dr. Faran Mallick
31 Oct 2018
We shifted to AWHO from other NCR and made a visit to your school. The interaction with the principal and your staff made us very satisfied. Being inside the premises also made us feel very secure and relaxed regarding our child. Our professionalism and efficient management is another high part..My child really began to gradually enjoy her school and made friends with their children. The school teachers are very caring which was reflected in my child's enthusiasm and joy towards various activities in school. Her school teacher "Aarti Madam" was her favourite and she made my child feel positive and good about herself with various class work and homework activities. Overall my child has grown happy and confident..Yes, very good, positive and heartly overall development effects on children and their growth..I would definitely suggest my peers and friends. Thank You.

, parent of Abram Anwar, Jan 2019   Verified parent
09 Sep 2018
According to me so many parents refer me to Little Angels because I want the school nearest to my house. I always ask from the parents about the schools in the society they always referred to me this school..My child is a new admission so I can't able to say so many things but yes, he has improved a lot because of the class teachers cooperation and hard work towards my child..I am satisfied with the curriculum but activities and implementation of the overall program in the school I am not satisfied activities should be more innovative and all the children should be on the stage should learn how to speak on stage and also be Fearless about stage activities. Little more open up the children..I likely would recommend it to other parents. Because it satisfied me and any parent would ask from me I would recommend to them very happily.

, parent of Aaradhya Chaudhary, Jan 2019   Verified parent
01 Dec 2018
First of all, the parents already sending their child in little angels gave a good feedback and secondly it was near to us in our society only..Our child is now Frank and is able to speak with everyone very frankly. She has also developed her writing skills..Yes, we are satisfied with the curriculum, activities etc. Our child is very Happy studying in this school and has learnt many new things Academically as well as other areas of learning..It is a good school. We are happy sending our child in this school. She doesn't complain to go to school ever and always wants to go to her school little angels.

Braj Bhushan Kumar , parent of Tanush Kunwar, Feb 2017   Verified parent
02 Jan 2019
The school is situated in AWHO society area and near to my residence (1 k block) in AWHO GR. Noida. The school cooperated with us till the child settled in the school..Interact in going to school. Learning alphabets, counting, colouring etc...Definitely, I will recommend other parent residing in AWHO to avail the facility of a good school situated within their campus, very much suitable for their children of below 5 years age. Moreover, the school is best for the children going first time to school as the school provides all cooperation for adjusting the child in his her initial days in school.

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