Positive Parenting

Posted on July 12 2017

I was at my brother’s place last week. As I was entering his house, I saw a lady trying to feed a toddler with food in her hand. She kept asking him to eat, the kid being a curious toddler was running around the lobby trying to avoid her. After a while, the lady (probably nanny) got fed up Read more...

Math is all around you - ways to teach math through play

Posted on July 09 2017

My daughter Riddhima is 3 years old and everyone around me is surprised by her mathematical skills. I would not brag that she is born with a charm for numbers. Infact, my husband and I consciously had spent a lot of time ensuring that she falls in love with mathema Read more...

Dengue - Important points to take care of for your kids

Posted on July 03 2017

The phone rang on one of the rainy nights last week, while I was asleep. It was my close colleague from work and I assumed he needed some help with the project we were working on. But, to my astonishment it was a call about his little girl who got admitted in hospital for dengue. He needed a seco Read more...

Gift back your children this Father's day

Posted on June 18 2017

All across the globe, there has been so much celebration last month over Mother’s day. I recall how my father contributed in organizing a surprise party for my mother and appreciated her abilities in building an affectionate family. As I mull over it, I feel Read more...

Helping children adjust to preschool life

Posted on April 21 2017

Preschools are an excellent medium for children to interact with same age group kids and learn all about playing, sharing and caring. However, sending a child to preschool, especially if the child has never been away from the safeties of the house, has its own set of challenges. The pro Read more...