India Kids PreSchool and DayCare Reviews


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Curriculum and activities
Staff and hygiene
soniya singal , parent of Paridhi Singal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
20 Mar 2018
India Kids have very good curriculum and activities as per the age of kids to provide exposure of most of the activities, vocabulary, seasons etc. Teachers are also very cooperative. I will definitely recommend this school to others. Hello Parent App is very beneficial for monthly and daily updates. Although leave application was an issue on HP app the feature of sending message and suggestion was good on it.

hardeep kaur , parent of Jasraj Singh, Mar 2017   Verified parent
14 Feb 2018
India Kids school is a very good school for the growing children’s. Kids fun a lot & learn also by easiest way> teachers are very caring and loving. Jyoti mam is a very good teacher for our tulips. She teaches kids very friendly. We are much satisfied from India Kids School. Hello Parent is a good app. They are giving very important information from the school.

Manika Dewan , parent of Anshuman Kaushik, Mar 2017   Verified parent
08 Jan 2018
India Kids is the friendliest school in terms of compatibility with parents as well the child! With ANshuman being a very fussy child about entering and adjusting, the school teachers have acted as loving angels. The App is quite beneficial in terms of regular updates, attendance, gallery pictures and valuable parenting tips.

Amina , parent of DAIVIK MAHAJAN, Dec 2016   Verified parent
12 Feb 2018
Amazing school and teachers overall a great experience. Thanks for making our little ones confident and preparing them for the outer world. Thanks for all the love and care that you have provided them with at this tender age. Overall Hello Parent has been beneficial as you can get access at any time.

Anshu Gupta , parent of MANAS GUPTA, Dec 2016   Verified parent
11 Mar 2018
The school is outstanding the mode of instruction is very good. Children learnt a lot of rhymes. The way Payal mam deals with the children is much appreciated. She is very polite and understanding. It provides all the information required. Overall good.

Neelam Vashisth , parent of Tanmay Vashisth, Jul 2017   Verified parent
16 Jan 2018
The school is really very good in all things such as activities, curriculum. All staff is really very hard working and takes initiative in helping development of child. The experience is really very fantastic. Hello Parent is a very useful app.

neetu , parent of Aavishi Mittal, Aug 2017   Verified parent
24 Jan 2018
It was really a wonderful experience being associated with I K. Avishi loved her school time and missed it at home. Hello Parent is a step ahead in education as digitization is making parents comfortable and aware of all events.

Avyaan mangla , parent of Avyaan Mangla, Dec 2016   Verified parent
19 Mar 2018
Awesome year spent with you. Many ups and downs come in our life but teachers and school are the major support that helps us to face them. Thank god I had such starting for my child. Yes in every manner that was beneficial.

Rupal Sood , parent of Nitya Bhagat, Mar 2017   Verified parent
30 Apr 2018
We loved having Nitya at India Kids. The love and nurturing helped Nitya grow as a bubbly and a very social kid. Best of luck to the school. Hello Parent is very helpful at tracking activities and events on the go.

Monika , parent of Punav Ahuja, Dec 2016   Verified parent
12 Mar 2018
Nice experience thank you teachers for putting lot of efforts. Purav will miss the school. Teachers did a great job. Hello Parent was beneficial to us as we get all information of the school in it.

Mrs Tripti Sharma , parent of Aanjaneya Dutt, Apr 2018   Verified parent
14 Mar 2018
Excellent work and cooperative with the child. My child learnt everything from the school. All teachers and staff are very cooperative. App is Very beneficial for attendance and for communication

jaspreet kaur , parent of Seerat Kaur Khurana, May 2017   Verified parent
12 Feb 2018
We really feel satisfied to be a part of this school. Teachers, staff all are very cooperative. Hello parent app is very beneficial as it provides details and maintains the curriculum of activities

Nidhi Sehgal , parent of Myraa Sehgal, Jul 2017   Verified parent
07 Feb 2018
It’s been really wonderful experience throughout the year thank you Aarti Mam for being patient throughout the year. It’s really helpful! Timely we were updated through this Hello Parent App!

Rinso Thomas , parent of Ashlene Rinso, Jul 2017   Verified parent
05 Feb 2018
Teachers and staff are very helpful and cooperative. We found it is the best school for preschool education and activities. It was beneficial to get timely updates and day to day programmes.

mansi rana , parent of SANVI RANA, Dec 2016   Verified parent
20 Feb 2018
Very good experience and I am very thankful to I K for my child growth. We miss all team I K team. Hello Parent app is very good app very helpful to caring of my growing child.

Suhani Sharma , parent of Varad Vashishtha, Oct 2017   Verified parent
06 Feb 2018
Hello team I K a very wonderful experience here. My kid learnt a lot here feeling a little nostalgic on leaving it. Thank you teachers for your love and affection for kids.

Sunita Kumar , parent of Lakshya, Jul 2017   Verified parent
12 Feb 2018
The school is very best for the first step of the education of the child and overall development of the child. The app is very beneficial for the information of the school.

nisha hora , parent of Neev Hora, Jan 2018   Verified parent
03 Apr 2018
Fantastic experience good support from all the teachers and whole staff. It was really an awesome feeling to get into this play school. Thanks a lot to the whole staff.

Sumit , parent of Kush Tyagi, Dec 2016   Verified parent
12 Feb 2018
I have no words to express my thoughts because it is difficult to explain. A lot in fact most of the time when I was not checking my baby’s diary I got update from App.

Amar preet kaur , parent of Sahej Kaur, Apr 2017   Verified parent
19 Feb 2018
I’m very happy with overall experience I have in school. Great experience having a nice staff and they are doing a great job. Hello Parent app is satisfactory.

Neha Mangal , parent of Reyansh Mangal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
07 Feb 2018
excellent School and teachers are very cooperative. Reyansh learns a lot from the school. Thank you so much for your great efforts. Hello Parent is very helpful.

shilpa Chaudhry , parent of Shiraj Chaudhry, Feb 2017   Verified parent
06 Mar 2018
It was an amazing experience sending our kid to this school. The staff and faculty are wonderful. We will definitely miss this school. It’s a good App.

prince manchanda , parent of Himani Manchanda, Apr 2017   Verified parent
06 Feb 2018
Everything is just perfect. Didn’t face any issue throughout. It’s a good app that keeps you updated about all the activities in the school.

neha rathore , parent of Keyan Rathore, Dec 2016   Verified parent
30 Mar 2017
It is one of d great place to send ur kid... Total security.... A great place for learning..... Individual attention n wonderful teachers....

charu gaur , parent of Navya Gaur, Mar 2017   Verified parent
13 Mar 2018
School has done very good in Navya initial growth and development. Thank you very much for your tremendous support and help. Very good app.

Ruchi Gupta , parent of Akshaj Gupta, Jul 2017   Verified parent
05 Feb 2018
India Kids is very good school. Teachers work very good. Teachers work hard for child’s performance. Very good and beneficial App.

Pratiksha kapoor , parent of Anvi Kapoor, Feb 2017   Verified parent
09 Jan 2018
Excellent school. All the teachers are very good and supportive. Very beneficial all the information is provided in the App.

Shefali Mehta , parent of Nitya Mehta, Jul 2017   Verified parent
13 Feb 2018
fully satisfied with the school and teachers. We’ll miss this school. Hello Parent is wonderful app very helping.

smita kaushal , parent of Arunya Kaushal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
14 Feb 2018
Everything was very nice. Keep it up. Very beneficial I got every update about my child. Thanks for this app.

Aarti , parent of Avni Malik, Aug 2017   Verified parent
14 Mar 2018
School is very helpful and caring. All teachers help in providing good education and habits to all children.

Asha Singh , parent of Shanaya Chaudhary, Jul 2017   Verified parent
14 Feb 2018
Your school is good. I will recommend all the parents to send their child for play school education.

Gurpreet kaur , parent of Kunwar Ekam Singh, Mar 2017   Verified parent
18 Jan 2018
Thanks Ma’am for the care of my child and I’m very thankful of India Kids Team. Excellent response

Mrs Babita Gautam , parent of Reyansh Gautam, Apr 2018   Verified parent
14 Feb 2018
It was an amazing experience to work with you. Feeling blessed to have a teacher like you.

PUNEET SEHGAL , parent of Nivaan Sehgal, Jul 2017   Verified parent
20 Feb 2018
It was great experience sending our child to school. Thanks for taking care of our child.

Ruchi Goyal , parent of Atharv Gupta, Apr 2017   Verified parent
05 Mar 2018
Better than we expected. Excellent staff. Keep it up. Very beneficial, keep us updated.

Deepika Sharma , parent of Pranya Sharma, Mar 2017   Verified parent
16 Jan 2018
Everything was very good. Keep it up. It’s a good app we got all information.

Ruchi Gupta , parent of Divisht, Apr 2017   Verified parent
24 Jan 2018
Good school nice activities less outdoor picnics. Craft work is outstanding.

Charu Rajpal , parent of Kabir Rajpal, Jul 2017   Verified parent
17 Feb 2018
Good care of my child. This App always helps us for my baby’s schedule.

Komal Trikha , parent of Shaarav Davit, Jul 2017   Verified parent
07 Feb 2018
I Kids team give us most beautiful memories. Its good give all updates.

Mamta Ahuja , parent of Samarth Ahuja, Jul 2017   Verified parent
09 Jan 2018
Teachers are very good and cooperative. It’s a very good App.

Aditi Chugh , parent of Abeer Chugh, Jul 2017   Verified parent
15 Mar 2018
Just love this school.

vasudha gupta , parent of Aarohi Singla, Mar 2017   Verified parent
08 Feb 2018
The best school

Mrs Sonal Lunia , parent of Daksh Lunia, Apr 2018   Verified parent
21 Feb 2018
Amazing School

Sakshi Garg , parent of Rushaan Garg, Mar 2018   Verified parent
05 Sep 2018

Mahima , parent of Vrinda Aggarwal, Nov 2017   Verified parent
31 Jul 2018

nisha aggarwal , parent of Hardik Agarwal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
16 Jan 2018

ROHIT , parent of Vihaan Goel, Nov 2017   Verified parent
01 Nov 2017

ritu anand , parent of Advika Anand, Mar 2017   Verified parent
19 Apr 2017

Monika Mittal , parent of Vriddhi Mittal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
15 Apr 2017

Neha Bansal , parent of Vidyut Bansal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
08 Apr 2017

meenu gupta , parent of Nitya Gupta, Dec 2016   Verified parent
07 Apr 2017

nisha aggarwal , parent of Hardik Agarwal, Mar 2017   Verified parent
04 Apr 2017

Sonia kapoor , parent of Aarav Kapoor, Dec 2016   Verified parent
29 Mar 2017

rinku bansal , parent of Chirag Bansal, Dec 2016   Verified parent
14 Mar 2017

Atul lakhotia , parent of Test, Dec 2016   Verified parent
07 Mar 2017